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Here are some tips that Galaxy Towing in Mount Kisco NY would like to share with you to show you how to avoid your car breaking down and needing to call a towing company in the town of Mount Kisco NY.  Galaxy Towing company is a towing company located in Mount Kisco NY and is avaliable at anytime for all of your towing needs in Mount Kisco NY.

Check your battery
A flat or failing battery is actually the single biggest cause of break downs, so keeping an eye on your battery and making sure your lights and electrics are off before you switch off the engine is a really simple and effective way to avoid disaster. If you make a lot of short journeys, try to go for a longer trip once in a while to properly recharge your battery – much like you would your phone.

Check your tires
Tyres are far more important than most people realise, affecting performance and even fuel economy. Having the correct tyre pressure can keep you safe on the road, as well as saving you money, so check your handbook for tyre pressure and call in at the petrol station before you set out.  Also remember to look for any damage to your tyres, even subtle damage such as tread depth.

Keep on top of servicing
Regular maintenance and professional servicing not only helps avoid disaster but also ensures that your car will last longer. Making a regular date for services can help find anything that’s failing before it causes your car to break down.

Check your fluids
It’s important to make sure your oil, coolant and washer fluid are at the right levels and consistency and to regularly check if they need topping up. Keeping on top of your car’s fluids will make the car run much more smoothly.

Know the forecast
Before setting out on any long trip, have a look at the weather to see what driving conditions are like, then make sure to drive appropriately. It’s also important to check your car lights and wiper blades, cleaning and replacing when necessary.

Remember to fill up
It may sound simple, but risking not pulling in at the fuel station because it’s too expensive can all too often lead to a break down, so be safe and fill up when you can. Also double check that you’re using the right fuel!

Recognise the warnings
Your dashboard’s warning systems ensure that you don’t have to be a mechanic to know when something is wrong, so make sure you’re familiar with the warning lights by checking your car’s handbook. If there’s a problem, your dashboard lights should warn you in advance.

Practice makes perfect
Every car is different, so in the event of a tyre blowout it’s crucial to know what to do. It might not sound exciting, but practising changing your tyre can save you a lot of stress and time. Find out where the jack and tyre is and how to use them. If you have locking wheel nuts don’t forget to keep the locking key somewhere safe in your car.

Always keep a spare key
Your car key is a really important part of your car, so don’t forget to look after it. Replace your keys as soon as they show signs of wear and if they have batteries, change them regularly. Keep a spare key somewhere; just not in your car.

Use your ears
Get to know what your car sounds like and recognise its rattles and squeaks. If you hear a new noise or notice any leaks on your driveway take it to a garage for a car check.

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