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Galaxy Towing offers superior towing service in Millwood NY.  We our the most Trusted company that services Millwood NY.  Our company is family owned and operated and has many years of experience in the automotive industry.  These are all very important qualifications to look for when trying to select the right towing company to fit your needs.

You need a trustworthy tow company that you can count on at anytime day or night.  You need to look for a company that gives you fair rates for towing or roadside assistance.

When it comes to roadside assistance in the Millwood NY area we can handle all of your needs.  A lot of our tow truck operators are trained auto mechanics that can often get you back on the road instead of towing your car.

If you have a flat tire, all of our trucks are equipped with air jacks, air impact guns, and air pumps just in case your tire is low on air.  Often time customers feel they need a tow truck due to a flat tire, however we often time can just change the tire.  If your tire has a small leak we can repair the tire right there on the spot in Millwood NY.

Is your car broken down in Millwood NY?  are you not sur if you need to have your car towed or you just ran out of gas.  Well, all of Galaxy Towing’s trucks of Mt Kisco NY. Carry fuel for these situations to save you time and money.  There are alot of tow companies who wont preform this service for you but dont worry Galaxy has got you covered day or night whatever situation your car is stuck in.

We also preform professional car lock out service in Millwood NY.

So please call us anytime (914) (372-1875)


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