Towing New Castle NY 10514

Towing New Castle NY 10514

Our tow services are available to you in the New Castle area 24 hours a day seven days a week.  We are a full service towcompany that can address all of your towing needs in New Castle NY.

We have more to offer than any other tow company in the area.  We have a fleet of flatbed tow trucks, wrecker style tow trucks with towing dollys, medium duty trucks and more.

South Greeley ave New Castle NY is a place that we receive a lot of tow call from.  There is a lot of  of traffic on this road, because there are a lot of stores and shops on this road and it is one of the most popular shopping streets of the people of New Castle NY.  Because there is such high traffic on this street, there are often motor vehicle accidents that occur here.  We average about one accident tow job per day here.

To avoid involving your self in a motor vehicle accident on South Greeley ave New Castle NY, Galaxy towing recommends the following precautions.   Stay off your phone.  Texting and calling are a huge cause of car accidents in the New Castle NY area.  Get out and check if your not sure there is enough room for your car to get by.  A lot of car accidents can be avoided if people would be more conciseness with there driving.  If you follow these two tips in New Castle NY you are far less likely to need to have your car towed.

Competitive Towing Rates  

Galaxy Towing offers the best rates in the Town of New Castle NY.  Don’t over pay for towing ever again.  We tow your car the right way at an affordable price.

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