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Need a car towed in Bedford NY off your property?

Galaxys Towing company offers a service for towing away illegally parked cars and car with no keys.

A lot of people in Bedford NY often call Galaxy towing wondering if we can tow away someone who is parking on the property whether is be a home or business in Bedford NY even if there is no keys for the car.

The answer is yes! Galaxy Towing in Mount Kisco NY will tow the car away even without the keys!  It doesn’t matter if the car is stuck in park we have the equipment needed for the job. However it depends on the circumstances. Clearly, if the car is parked in a legal parking area,  you can’t tow the car, however if it’s parked in a illegal manner, then we can come any where in Bedford NY in minutes to tow that car away. Cars can be be towed if it is parked on private property, it doesnt matter if the car has or has not caused damage to a property. Anytime a person leaves their automobile on a commerical property, it can be towed away, if the driver doesn’t have permission to park there.  We specialize in tow aways in the city of Bedford NY. If that land dosn’t belong to you you dont have the right to park there.  There are many different ways to tow a car. We have flatbed tow trucks and also wheel lift and dolly tow trucks avalible 24/7.

People often ask how will you tow the car if is is stuck in park. Galaxy towing in Mount Kisco NY can tow any vehicle that is in park . Also understand that most vehicle are towed from the park position. If your vehicle is parked or even the emergency brake is engaged the vehicle can still be winched onto a tow truck in order to load it. We will tow away any car or suv in cooperation with the management of the apartment parking in Bedford NY.

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