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How To Choose a Towing Company

Knowing how to choose the right towing company can can be very important to solving your auto problem, however, if you have pick a non reputible or un professional towing company, there is a very good chance that you will experience some problems. Here are some steps to make sure your next call for towing is a good experience.

What to stay away from:

Here are so problems you may experience with a bad towing company:

Towing charge was more than agreed on. The tow truck took to long to arrive. The tow truck operator was rude. Truck was not maintained properly. The tow truck driver damaged the vehicle.

These are the five common problem you can eperience with bad towing companies. With this knowledge, you can be avoid these problems or breakdown and be on your way with confidence.

Here are some ways to find a good towing service. Most insurance companies offer 24/7 roadside assistance programs. Use a roadside assistance insurance carrier, and start by knowing what towing charges you are covered for. If you have roadside assistance of any sort, be sure to have the contact number  in the car and that all drivers know of the coverage. This way finding a good tow company is easy and fast.

If you do not have coverage or you cant find your road side assistance coverage, the next thing to do is to find a quality towing service. You can use your cellphone to find for a towing company that services the area where you are located. Have your exacted location ready and know a good auto mechanic or autobody shop of your choice address ready. Towing companies charge for the hook up fee and also by the mile, so you may want to tow your car close by to avoid hefty charges .

Also make sure to give the year and make of the vehicle to be towed. This will allow the towing company to know what type vehicle they need to dispatch.

you can always contact your preferred repair shop and ask who they recommend. Check Internet or yellow pages look for mention of awards or costumer ratings.

Whenever your vehicle is broken down or involved accident, make sure the car is safely off the road. This is most important. Once you are in a safe location, you can start to search for a towing service.

It is always good to have an agreed price. Ask about any extra charges. Clearly state the amount you expect to pay and the address to which the vehicle is to be towed. Make sure there are know hidden fees, make sure that the location and destination of the vehicle is correct before you have a truck dispatched.

Give the dispatcher your cell phone number to ensure good communication.

If you are calling a towing company you have never dealt with before ask these questions. What kind of  tow truck are you sending? Do you accept my insurance? Can i pay by credit card?How long will it take for your truck to arrive ?Can you have yourdriver call me when he close? What will be the total cost in total, including tax, to pick-up the car and deliver to the desired destination.


Galaxy Towing in Mount Kisco NY can be reached at (914)372-1875.  We also service Katonah NY, and Bedford Hills NY.  Call now for a reliable towing company and a price quote.

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